Office of Sponsored Programs


Holiday Closures

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UAA OSP: 12/23/19 - 01/01/20

UAF OGCA: 12/23/19 - 01/06/20

Happy Holidays to You and Yours


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) serves a dual role of facilitating and promoting the research and sponsored projects mission of UAA while protecting the institution by maintaining compliance related to fraud, waste, and abuse. We assist faculty and staff throughout the life cycle of external funding, with services provided through Pre-Award and Post-Award functions. Our offices are located on the 3rd floor of the 1901 Bragaw building, Suite 368. Pre-Award staff can be reached at and Post-Award Staff can be reached at

Pre-Award offers these services:

  • Provide information about potential federal, state and private sources of funding
  • Assistance in the development of high-quality proposals that meet sponsor criteria
  • Assistance with proposal preparation
  • Assistance with budget preparation
  • Working with faculty and staff to solve pre-award problems before proposals are submitted to agencies
  • Providing training to faculty and staff on pre-award regulations and policies
  • Acting as liaison between the university and sponsors
  • Providing final UAA authorization on all proposals submitted to sponsors

OSP Review:

麻将游戏赚钱OSP is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state and university regulations/policies related to research and external funding of sponsored projects. These areas of compliance include but are not limited to:

  • Biohazards/Chemical Hazards (redirects to Office of Integrity and Compliance website)
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • IACUC - Animal Care and Use (redirects to Office of Integrity and Compliance website)
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (redirects to Office of Technology Commercialization website)
  • IRB-Human Subjects (redirects to Office of Integrity and Compliance website)
  •  (redirects to U.S. Government Publishing Office website)
  • Principal Investigator Eligibility
  • Roles and Responsibilities of PI's-
    • The Principal Investigator is the primary individual in charge of a research grant, cooperative agreement, training or public service project, contract or other sponsored project.
    • The Principal Investigator confirms that the entire proposal meets the requirements outlined in the Request For Proposals (RFP). 
    • The Principal Investigator prepares the technical proposal and may collaborate with others in its preparation.
    • The Principal Investigator identifies the need for subawards.
    • The Principal Investigator prepares or directly supervises the preparation of the categorized budget and its justification.
    • The Principal Investigator obtains a Facilities and Administrative Cost Waiver, if necessary.
    • The Principal Investigator identifies required match or cost-sharing sources to comply with agency requirements.
    • The Principal Investigator obtains the appropriate forms from the IRB, IACUC, or Hazardous Materials Biosafety Forms, if necessary.
  • (redirects to UA Statewide website)
  •  (redirects to UA Statewide website)
  • UAA Uniform Proposal Review Policy

Post-Award offers these services:

  • Awards, cooperative agreements, and contracts negotiation and acceptance
  • Awards accounts setup and oversight
  • Sub-contracts negotiation and initiation
  • Sponsor billing invoices processing, and bills posting
  • Technical and financial reports management and effort certification
  • Award modifications and changes negotiation and filing
  • Closing awards
  • Policy and regulatory auditing of the research expenditure financial management to ensure financial compliance and integrity
  • Responding to statewide and external audits requests