Seawolf Advisory!

On Dec. 11, our Facilities and Campus Services team was made aware of a pothole that shut down the westbound lanes of Northern Lights Boulevard between UAA Drive and Career Center Drive. It has since been upgraded to a sinkhole, and the lanes will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time while crews repair the damage. We anticipate the closure will extend through the week.

麻将游戏赚钱Finals week is a very stressful time for students. Students, please know that your professors have been made aware of the situation. Please communicate with them any delays you may experience due to this issue. We know this is an unexpected traffic challenge. Please take a deep breath. We want you to have a smooth and safe finals week.

Rapid Fire Research Event

麻将游戏赚钱The Rapid Fire Research Event is an opportunity for faculty across campus to give a short overview of the reasearch they are currenlty working on.  Students and other faculty are able to find out what reasearch is being done across many differnet disciplines and get in contact with presenters they may have an interest in collaborating with.

Rapid Fire Research Event 2013

麻将游戏赚钱To listen to the audio recording and view the PowerPoint presentation for this year's Rapid Fire Event, please follow the link below.  A filmed recording will be availabe shortly.

Faculty Presenters

Kenrick Mock, Computer Science & Engineering

Martin Cenek, Computer Science & Engineering /Honors

Megan Friedel, Consortium Library

Herminia Din, Art

Sarah Frick, Faculty Technology Center

Gennady Gienko, Geomatics

Frank Moore, Computer Science & Engineering

Marianne Murray; Carol Senette;Annette Rearden, Nursing

Gabriel Garcia, Health Sciences

Carrie King, Dietetics & Nutrition

Cindy Knall, WWAMI

麻将游戏赚钱Irasema Ortega; Cathy Coulter, Education

麻将游戏赚钱Mike Mueller; Tim Jester, Education

Gunnar Knapp, Economics

Gino Graziano, UAF Cooperative Extension Service

David Bowie, English

麻将游戏赚钱Terry Kelly, Philosophy

麻将游戏赚钱Diane Hirshberg, CAEPR

Aaron Dotson, Civil Engineering

麻将游戏赚钱Hiroko Harada; Junko Tokuda,Languages

Claudia Lampman; Gwen Lupfer, Psychology